Investor Relations





I, MARIO JONAS D. DE CASTRO, of legal age, Filipino, with office address at 109 C. Palanca St., Makati City, being the duly elected and qualified Corporate Secretary of GC Quality Restaurant Group, Inc. (the “Corporation”), a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the Philippines, under oath, do hereby undertake the following:

  1. That upon approval by the Listings Department of the Corporation’s submitted draft Investor Relations Program, the Corporation shall immediately make available such approved Investor Relations Program in its website;


  1. That in compliance with the listing requirements of the Philippine Stock Exchange (the “Exchange”), the Corporation shall, in addition to its Investor Relations Program, include and, whenever practicable, regularly publish necessary and relevant information in its website, as follows:


  1. Company Information which includes the organizational structure, board of directors and management team, consistent with the submitted Prospectus;

  2. Company News which includes analyst briefing report, press releases, latest news and newsletters (if any);

  3. Financial Reports such as annual and quarterly reports once available

  4. Investor FAQs;

  5. Investor Contact which shall include an email address and phone number for feedback/comments, shareholder assistance and service; and

  6. Stock Information

The above undertaking is made pursuant to the Corporation’s application for listing with the Philippine Stock Exchange (“PSE”).



 Corporate Secretary


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ________________________ at _______________________, affiant exhibiting to me his Tax Identification Number 106-266-048 issued by the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue.


Doc. No._______;

Page No. _______;                        

Book No. _______;

Series of 2017.






The investor relations program of GC Quality Restaurant Group, Inc. (the “Company”) has for its objective the effective communication of the results of the Company’s operations as well as its intended plans in relation to the capital market, the development of a long term relationship of trust with shareholders, by making use of its knowhow in communication, finance, marketing, and management of the content and flow of corporate information and all required disclosures to the financial markets.


As part of the Company’s corporate communication initiative, the communications strategy of the Company encourages shareholders, including minority shareholders and institutional investors, to actively participate in Annual Shareholders’ Meetings of the Company.


The Corporate Information Officer shall handle communication with media for the Company. The Company has likewise has an Investor Relations Unit under the Office of the Chief Finance Officer, which handles regular communications with institutional investors for the Company.


The Company shall endeavor to communicate to its investors whenever practicable. Invitations to such briefings are disclosed through the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) at least three trading days before the date of the briefing, and the materials on such briefings are disclosed through the PSE even while the briefings are ongoing.  All interested persons may attend these briefings.  


As part of its initiative for transparency, the Company also keeps shareholders informed through other timely disclosures via the PSE, filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Annual Reports, stockholder meetings, press releases and statements, its corporate website, emails and telephone calls. 


Company disclosures and other filings with the SEC and PSE, as well as Annual Reports and quarterly newsletters, are available for download from the Company’s website.  


For periodic and regular updates, and whenever practicable, the Company shall endeavour to publish quarterly newsletters for all of its employees and shareholders, as well as sends out weekly email announcements to its employees, keeping them updated on notable events, programs and milestones involving it.