Galleon by Mario’s Kitchen

Galleon by Mario's Kitchen promises to be an enticing dining destination for those with a penchant for global and fusion culinary delights.

As the flagship outlet of Amelie Hotel in the nation's capital of Manila, Galleon by Mario's Kitchen is but a stones throw away from the Port of Manila where the Galleon Trade happened over 400 years ago as Galleons or Spanish trading ships, became vessels of not just ingredients and goods exchange but of cultural and tradition discoveries and learnings as well.

 This concept is what Galleon all about. The food served in our establishment reflects cuisine in the Philippines which was influenced, and sometimes learned, from the exposure to other cultures, exposure brought about by the Galleon Trade.

 As a restaurant and bar that offers both the unique and the familiar, guests from both the hotel as well as neighboring areas will be coming in to "trade" stories over dinner or sometimes just over a cup of coffee. It's an international hub of different nations set amidst an interesting mix of the best dishes that Spain, the Philippines and the rest of the world has to offer. The restaurant opened in September 2014 and is located in the ground floor of Amelie Hotel, Malate, Manila City.