Mario’s Kitchen

Our flagship brand. Mario’s Kitchen was originally conceptualized to be a more inexpensive-offshoot to the famous Mario’s restaurant in Baguio City. Its inception was patterned from the rich history of food and service that inspired a loyal following since 1971. The reimagined Mario’s Kitchen continues this tradition with personalities that reach a much wider market. The brand carries with it a sense of sophistication, affordability, and originality – that the restaurant ambiance is relaxed and modern, while maintaining original recipes and offering new affordable Spanish-Filipino, American, Italian dishes. Its cuisine highlights heavily on the promise of comfort. Diners can celebrate a hearty meal that’s affordable and feels close to home, and the experience stems from a certain flare that is consistent and made with passion. The brand also offers buffet services for those who prefer a much more food choices.

Its current branches are currently situated near business districts and residential condominiums, and thus attracted both working professionals and families who seek a place to relax and unwind. The location became perfect for parties, events, meetings and seminars. Music entertainment was also added to cater to the after-dining customers.  There are now 4 Mario’s Kitchen branches around Metro Manila.

Affordability and accessibility have always been part of the brand’s philosophy. Our goal in Mario’s Kitchen is to bring Spanish food closer to everyone. For example, our paellita toppings proved to be a refreshing take on the classic dish as it attracted so many customers who wanted to satisfy their craving without having to order the huge paellera that’s always for sharing. Ultimately, the Mario’s Kitchen cuisine delivers that casual dining experience that’s fun for friends and family.